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        1. 安陽振動器-高頻振動器系列產品說明2

          2020-02-09  來自: 安陽振動器有限責任公司 瀏覽次數:203

          The enterprise has passed the quality system certification of ISO9001

          Ⅰ.Brief Introduction

          The vibrating source device for the track slabs of high speed railway is specially designed and manufactured by our company on the demand of the track slabs production line. It is mainly used in the ballastless track slabs(max?berg slab, read-Berlin slab),the compacting construction in the road, railway, bridge and the dam of the hydropower station, and the concrete construction in the large building project. It features powerful vibrating force, adjustable vibration frequency, reasonable vibration amplitude, light weight, convenient operation, high efficiency and compact parts.

          Ⅱ.Scope of Application

          This product is suitable for the compacting construction of various concrete formworks(Max?Berg slab, Read-Berlin slab, Japanese slab)in the track slabs production line of the high speed railway, the prefabricated concrete components, concrete construction in road, railway, bridge beam, culvert, T simply supported beam and I-beam.

          Ⅲ.System Components

          The vibrating source device for the track slabs of high speed railway consists of frequency converter control cabinet, sub-control box and track slab vibrator.

          Ⅳ.Technical Data

          4.1.The frequency converter control cabinet and the vibrator of the vibrating source device for the track slabs of high speed railway are named respectively:

          4.1.1 The named way of the frequency converter control cabinet:



          4.1.2 The named way of the vibrator


          4.2. Main technical data of the frequency converter control cabinet


          power kW
















          Note: The technical data can be customized on the demand of the user.

          4.3.Main technical data of the vibrator






























          5.1.The input power supply of the system is 3ph/380V/50Hz(The voltage pulsation shall be within±10%). Connect it according to the electric schematics before use.

          5.2.The output power supply of the system is directly connected to the sub-control box with the cable. The length of the cable and the consumption of the voltage drop must be considered. The minimum cross sectional area of the cable must not less than 6mm2.

          5.3.Put the vibrators on the formwork side or bottom evenly according to its structure and requirement. When fixing the vibrators, tighten up the retaining bolts of the vibrators, or it shall damage the motor after starting vibration.



          5.4.Connect the vibrator to the sub-control box through 16A industrial plug. The cross sectional area of the copper connection cable between the vibrator and the sub-control box must not be less than 1.5 mm2. The casing of the vibrator must be earthed ground or connected to null line.

          5.5.After the preparations finish, check that the control system is normal before the first start. The steps are as following: Switch on the power supply of the control cabinet, and make sure the power indication is normal. Disconnect all the preset switches, and start the control cabinet. Observe that the frequency meter is normal. Turn off the start switch, the indication of the frequency meter must be back to zero immediately.

          5.6.The inner parameters of the frequency converter are set before leaving the factory. The user need not change them. Please contact our after-sale service department if it is necessary to do it. The telephone number is 13707660816.

          5.7.The system is controlled by the frequency converter, and the motor starting is a soft start. To start the other vibrators in the half way is not allowed after the vibrators start.

          5.8.There are 27-way preset switches on the panel of the control cabinet, which individually control 27 sub-control boxes. Each box is connected to a track slab. Each track slab can be fixed eight vibrators. If one track slab need to be vibrated, just turn on the corresponding preset switch. Only one track slab vibration can be preset at one time.

          5.9.After the concrete is filled to the full in the formwork above the track slab, turn on the ON/OFF switch on the panel of the control cabinet, then all the vibrators preset on the track slabs are start vibrating. Turn off the ON/OFF switch when they meet the requirement, and disconnect the preset switch. If next track slab need to be vibrated, then connect the next corresponding preset switch. Repeat it until all the production line of the track slabs complete. Disconnect the preset switch, and disconnect the power supply of the control cabinet.

          5.10.This system functions power indicator, running indicator, fault alarm, real-time frequency indication, voltage indication and reset control. The fault indicator lights and alarms if the fault occurs during its running. The vibrator stops vibrating. The system shall restart by pressing the reset button. If it doesn’t work, the electric technician must find out the reason and remove the trouble, then restart it.




          6.1. The operator must strictly comply with the electricity safety rules, abide by the corresponding safety regulations, and equip with the protective tools.

          6.2. The cable must keep certain looseness so as not to break it for the short circuit or broken circuit.

          6.3. When the specialist is about to check and maintain the frequency converter, switch off the power for 20 minutes and have the circuits inside fully discharge so as not to be shocked down..

          6.4. When a megohmmeter is needed to check the insulation of the vibrator or the circuit, disconnect it from the line.

          6.5. Its running is a interrupter duty. It is not suitable for it to run for a long time at one time. It shall reach the dense result after it actually operates for 1-3 minutes. It shall damage the insulation of the motor in the vibrator if it long time to run.

          6.6. When the vibrator is working, the noise value within 1.5M is no more than 75 dB, 10M is no more than 66 dB.

          . Maintenance

          7.1. When the vibrator is carried or operated, it shall be handled gently. Don’t strike or damage it.

          7.2. The outer casing of the vibrator must keep clean so as not to affect the heat radiation and the service life of it.

          7.3. If the abnormal noise is heard or the abnormal phenomena are found, switch off the power supply immediately. Check and maintain it by a special technician.

          7.4. The ball bearing is lubricated with 3# compound calcium grease. Refill it once after the running of the vibrator adds up to 3 hours. Don’t refill it too much. It is suitable to refill it one third of the bearing cavity. To run it with no grease is not allowed. This is the key point to keep the motor running normally and not to be damaged. Refill it once properly every week.

          7.5. To check the wear of the bearing and the oil seal regularly. Replace it in time if necessary.

          7.6. Clear off the dust. Do not wash it with water or grease remover. The filtering gasket of the blower shall be dismounted and cleaned frequently in order to maintain a good ventilation and cooling.

          7.7. It shall not be exposed to sunshine and rain when it is working.

          7.8. This system must have a complete overhaul after half year of running. Notice us to do the necessary parts replacement in order to ensure it has a steady and reliable running.


          Ⅷ.Troubles and Remedy


          possible cause


          The frequency converter doesn’t start.

          1. power supply

          2. disconnection in the input circuit or loose in the wiring terminal

          1. check the power supply.

          2. check the circuit.




          The vibrator doesn’t start.

          1. disconnection in the output circuit or improper operation.

          2. bearing is dead

          3. trouble in the switch or disconnection in the control circuit

          4. vibrator is burned.

          1. check the circuit and operate properly.

          2. replace the bearing

          3. replace the switch, check the control circuit

          4.  replace the vibrator






          Trouble alarms.

          1. overvoltage, undervoltage, over current, grounding and over load.

          2. vibrator runs with less phase, vibrator is burned inside or the retaining nut looses

          3. short circuit, cable is damaged, grounding or insulating layer is aged, short circuit between the windings of the vibrator.

          1. Press the reset button to start it again.

          2. Check or replace the vibrator, tighten the retaining nut.


          3. replace the cable


          Stop for the overvoltage


          The voltage pulsation of the power supply is more than ±10%

          Regulate the voltage or use a voltage regulator to keep the power supply stable.

          Ⅸ.Attentions in Transportation

          Avoid impacting the product in transportation. Keep the casing and the surroundings clean and dry so as not to let the oil slicks, water or humidity enter the inside of the machine body.

          Ⅹ. Disassembling

          Unscrew the screws in both end caps and remove two end caps. Take off the eccentric blocks. Unscrew the bearing screws, remove the bearing blocks and pull out the rotor. Assemble it in the reverse order mentioned above.

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